Personalized greeting card

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Personalized Greeting Card

If it's worth saying, it's worth saying with style!

Whether you want to say "Happy Birthday," "Congratulations!" or just send a warm "Hullo!", if you've got something to say to someone you care about, say it... in style!

Microcut personalized greeting cards let you send the message you want, your way.

Simply scan two different images onto your computer, then using our free, easy-to-use software put them together, print and assemble the paddle slide. Affix to one of eight different color frames and you're ready to go.

In just minutes, you've got a unique, personalized greeting card that says far more than any store-bought card could ever say.

Your family will treasure your personalized greeting cards, and your friends will know you truly care.

Your personalized greeting card can contain any message you want and any image you want to use. Whatever the occasion, use a Microcut personalized greeting card to get your message across.

Each sliding card template has two separate pieces: a photo-quality ink jet paper, micro-perforated to create the paddle template, and a micro-cut frame for your image. The cards are easy to assemble, fun to make... and always appreciated. Order your Personalized Greeting Card kit today.



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