Party favor idea

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Party Favor Idea

Celebrate with an exceptional birthday party favor!

When you throw a party, you want to show your friends that you appreciate them coming. Whatever the occasion, you want them to remember it and look back on it with pleasure. You certainly don't want to pass out cheap party favors that are instantly forgotten.

Make your Party favor idea more innovative...

A photo cube party favor gives your friends and family a gift they'll treasure.

Because you get to choose the images that you place on each of the cube's six sides your party favor will be unique, unforgettable and truly priceless.

You could place a picture of yourself and five friends on each face of the cube. You could place pictures of six activities that you all participated in, or you could put any special design, attractive image or photograph of your choice.

With our free software, it's easy to create party favors that your guests will love.

Whether you're celebrating with colleagues, school friends or old army buddies, give your pals the party favor they'll treasure. Order your party favor here.

Baby shower party favor
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