Sliding card paper templates come ready to print. Just scan your pictures onto the computer and our software will do the rest. You can place your pictures and message on the card, choose the layout, even print custom frames! In minutes, you'll be printing a gift card that will be cherished for years to come.

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About Us
Graphic Art Connections has invented a unique, patented product called MicroCutPaper.

An innovative way to make beautiful, low-cost gifts right at home, MicroCutPaper is manu-factured using pre-cut patterns pressed into blank photo inkjet and laser paper. With MicroCutPaper, a digital camera, computer and printer, customers can easily create photo cubes, CD sleeves and Sliding Cards adorned with colorful pictures of themselves, friends, family-anything. The free, easy-to-use design software included in the product automati-cally places photos into position on the MicroCutPaper templates. Once printed, fast, simple assembly is all that's required to fashion a gift most anyone would be thrilled to receive.

One of the main advantages of MicroCutPaper is that it lets you print short runs of distinctive photo crafts at a very low cost. Since most households today own a computer, printer, scan-ner and digital camera, now there's an easy way to make inexpensive yet attractive homemade gifts without a major investment of time and money.

Yet, in addition to the MicroCutPaper stock, Graphic Art Connections also offers printing and design services for those lacking the time or necessary equipment.

The mission of Graphic Art Connections is to help our customers have FUN making person-alized gifts, curios and collectibles right at home.
Our customers include:
Large event companies that use our photo cubes or CD sleeves
Various family members, young and old
Home crafters, hobbyists and scrap-bookers
Digital photography buffs

About the Designer

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Graphic Art Connections Patent Pending application #11/040,936